Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bloggin is Hard for Me

I have experienced great difficulty with my blog. Perhaps I have it solved now. I even tried to begin a new blog but of course there are problms with that one also. My daughter told me that these other entries were too full of complaints so I will try to make these happier more upbeat.

So, my daughter is at home this week to help me paint the cedar shingles on my front porch and the eaves of my house. In the past I have called the front porch the black hole because it was so dark. Now it is a lovely creamy butter color. Later tonight we are planning to start painting the eaves a creamy white. It will look much cleaner and chrisper than that ugly brown and beige. My daughter has been a tremendous help. She has battled sweat and bugs that did not want to be displaced from thier home but we have prevailed.


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