Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

It is slightly misting here and not many kids are out tonight. We usually have truckloads of kids who come in from the outlying smaller towns but not tonight. I also think that so many churchs and communities are having "Trunk or Treat" and carnivals that not so many kids go house to house anymore. For the first time in several years I did purchase enough candy (and good candy, too, not the cheap bad candy I have been known to give to the kids I believe are too old to be out trick or treating!), but the kids are not coming. Our friend Ian just left and he was a very convincing Harry Potter.

There is a tree frog stuck to the glass of our outer front door. It is so funny and looks like I put it there on purpose. The kids who have been by have loved seeing it.

The past weekend was Homecoming for my alma mater (and my place of employment!). My favorite people in the whole world came to visit. We missed some regular attendee who had to be other places but we partied without them.

As I predicted there were some tears, but they ended and as you can tell by her post ( she is a strong, wonderful woman.

The surprise was not all that exciting except to all my friends who have lived through my floor saga...we have a new floor in half our house! It is fabulous and I love it! I did have a fun surprise from my friend Jenn who is now expecting baby #3. I know he/she will be as cute and smart and funny as the first two.

And as for Halloween, I hope that I can keep from eating all the candy that the kids are not coming for.


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