Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sometimes You Just Have to Sing

My daughter and I just met one of our friends and her two 6 year old daughters at a park. We were very excited to drag our laptops along with us because we have one of the first wireless parks in our state. However, we couldn't log on! We both has signal status on our wireless cards but it wouldn't let us access that internet. It kept saying there was a technical problem. I do not enjoy technical problems. If I turn something on I believe it should work. That was only a minor inconvience because there was an ethnic church group having a picnic and church outing in the park. Towards the end of their picnic, many of the teenagers gathered and started a song. It was lovely and happy and seemed to have no end. My friend commented on the joyful sound they made. It was a delightful experience. I was sad when they stopped singing and packed up thier picinic.

On one a totally different note....isn't picnic a fun word to say. Pic nic. I love it.


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