Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Scheduled Travel

I am leaving early Friday morning to go to the beach with eight of my friends. It is always a most relaxing and fun time. We will miss Jessica and Debbie and Ann but will try our best to carry on without them.

Yesterday they decided on the date for the Christian College Study Abroad Directors Conference. It will be in December and it is in Montevideo, Uruguay! I am so excited about going. The announcement of the meeting also said that we would be going to Buenos Aires for a couple of days. As a fourth grader studying geography I used to dream of visitng Norway, Argentina, and Mongolia. I got to go to Norway in June of 2000, there is a plan to visit Argentina now all I need is a plan to get to Mongolia. I have watched the Today Show's 50 most popular activities to show that you are living for today and I can honestly say that I have done one of my top three things and a second one is scheduled . I also got to ride a camel in front of a pyramid in Egypt and cruise down the Nile...I have a wonderful job and I love my life!


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