Friday, May 25, 2012

Free Hug Friday

If you haven't been with us in the past two years you may not know that while we are here in Zambia, each Friday becomes Free Hug Friday. Everyone has to give me a hug before they can eat! Some of my friends know that I had to pass a written and practical driving test to obtain my CDL before I left for Zambia. It took two tries for one of the three parts for the written test but I did indeed pass it all with 24 hours to spare! So, here I am and I have this 22 (more if the little jump seats are put down) passenger bus that I am driving around the dirt roads. Tomorrow is the real test! I have to drive it 75 miles to Choma, through their "downtown" area and find a place to park it so that we can have our annual picnic on the museum grounds. My biggest concern is turning it around to head back home! I think I might have to go out of town to try and turn it around! The good news is that everyone is patient with me and as of yet no one has screamed out of fright!


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2 posts! Yay! I haven't even read them yet...too excited about new posts!


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