Saturday, June 05, 2010

What a Week!

We have been busy every day! Working with the babies. Consulations here and there. People stopping us on the side of the road and saying my child had hearing problems, can you help? WE NEED AN AUDIOLOGIST!

On Wednesday, we became concerned about one of the medically fragile babies who had pneumonia. Her breathing became very, very shallow and then she started this high pitched shreak with each breath but it was not a cry. After much consultation with the Aunties, and several anxious minutes, Kathi Merritt, the director, arrived and we rushed her off to the medical clinic. It seems that the baby was having an asthma attack along with the pneumonia. More shots and medicine for the tiny babe. The ne
xt day she seemed some better. I hope that it improves before Monday!

I am going to attempt to upload photos. I think that I have discovered how to make them small enough files to not clog our internet here.

These cuties below are all two sets of fraternal twins. Each was named for a former HIZ faculty/spouse team. We have Nita and Ross in front and Shawn and Donna in the back.
[HIZ-Path has a tradition of assigning new names to our students (their travel names) so sometimes we also assign new names to folks we meet here...just as Dr. WifeMan) The personalities of these babies are nothing like those they were named for but we can not simply refer to them as Nita or Shawn. They are known among our students as Nita Cochran, Ross Cochran, Shawn Daggett and Donna Daggett. It cracks me up to hear the students say: "Nita Cochran, you can not take her bottle away from her!" Or "Shawn Daggett let me see you smile." Or, "Ross Cochran, you get out of that!" Those three are constantly in to something they should not be in to. Donna is a little more laid back. I have heard the students say, "Donna Daggett, you are just fine in that chair and stop fussing to get out!"

My heart smiles everytime I heard one of the babies referred to by their HIZ-Path names. We love our babies.


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