Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Lesson

I just witnessed four baptisms here in Namwianga. The entire congregation of about 350 or more walked over to the bath houses outside the Hamby and Mann houses. There is a large tub there that they quickly filled for the baptisms. They were sweet and leading up to the event there was a group of students who were singing. Then after all four baptisms were complete one of the church leaders led the most perfect prayer I have ever heard after a baptism. He thanked God for touching their hearts and then in the best most forceful voice ever he asked God to protect these new Christians from the evil one. He asked for a protection to be all around them to help them resist and lead the life they knew they should lead. Why don’t we always pray that after a baptism? Isn’t that exactly what we think in our hearts but we don’t say it out loud to our Lord.

Lesson learned.


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