Friday, June 11, 2010


We lost one of our sweet babies during the night. She was just not strong enough to make it so she is now with Jesus. It was hard on us. We had our talk about the fact that it might happen but until it does you never quite know how the group will react. I am in many ways glad that Ian was not in town of the burial. He and Dan had gone to Lusaka to pick up Keri. Ian has a very, very tender heart and he prays EVERY day for the sick babies by name. So, we watched as a tiny particle board coffin was laid in the African soil. Sweet hymns in Tonga accompanied the service. I was also struck with the fact that everyone remains while the dirt (mixed with branches) is shoveled back on. All the males that were present each took a turn shoveling the dirt. That was a very impressive sight.

Since someone had officially declared that Wednesday should be a day of extremes our opposite end of the spectrum was Ian's 13th birthday party that evening! Ellie suggested that we all go out to Jordan's Rock to roast hotdogs, each guacamole and chips, roast marshmallows and have Leonard's chocolate birth day cake. It was so much fun. We decided that since we were
going to be in a very "Lion Kingish" location to celebrate Ian turning 13 that we needed to have some type of spectacle! Sarah has "Circle of Life" on her iPod, Jaime has portable speakers and we are always ready for a spectacle. As the sun was setting, we cued Dan to lift Ian up towards the sunset, the song began and the students all acted like they were the animals bowing toward Ian. It was priceless!! Ian was taken totally off guard and was laughing his head off!


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