Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Blind Man Stood by the Side of the Road

Those have spend any time in Zambia know that if a vehicle drives by and has any space in it at all, then you generally pick up the individuals who might be walking and drive them into town or maybe out to the clinic, or whatever direction you are going so that they might be a little closer to their destination. Eliie Hamby says that the Zambian motto is there is always room for one more.

The other day Dan, Ian and I had to make a run into town to check on the immigration office since we all have to have our Visas renewed on the 17th of June. We drive Khaki Jackie, our 12 passenger Land Cruiser. We stopped at the clinic to pick up several who were waiting for a ride into town and suddenly we had 15 people crowded into the back of Khaki Jackie and three of us in the front. Always room for one more.

So, this afternoon we drove all twelve of us into Kalomo to boost the local economy by purchasing every piece of chitenge material available. On the way home, we had to pass several groups of people wanting rides back out to Namwianga because we were full. I was driving and suddenly, we saw a young man from Dan’s class standing by the side of the road with his white cane. Yes, he is visually impaired. At the same time we came upon a speed bump so I slowed down. He thought we were slowing down to give him a ride and he began to trot toward the sound of the slowing car. Immediately from the back of Khaki Jackie I heard, “We can make room. We can get him in. We can’t let him stand there.” So, one got out to guide him into the back side seats and make sure the door closed and Ian crawled into the front seat with Dan and me. Off we went back to Namwianga.

This is why I love these students. This is why I love my job. They constantly do things that make my heart overflow with joy and my eyes overflow with tears. They understand the true meaning of servant heart.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger AmyB said...

Awesome. My eyes are tearing up just reading and imagining.


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