Thursday, July 07, 2005

When I stumbled into the living room this morning and tuned in to watch Katie, Matt and Al (so that I can ease into my morning), I was so horrified to see the bombings in London. I have friends who are in London now, a daughter who was there two weeks ago, and friends who plan to be there in a month. I have friends in Italy, friends in Athens, friends in Tokoyo and friends on their way Iraq. I am praying that they are and will continue to be safe in God's care.

I detest any form of bullying. I don't like physical, mental, or commerical intimidation. I don't participate in organized boycotts, and I don't think one group of humans should be able to terrorize another group. I am ready for people of all nations to learn how to get along. Play nicely with each other. Won't heaven be great. For now I continue to pray for peace on earth.


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