Friday, September 29, 2006

San Gimignano and Sienna

This is the third attempt to post this...Blogspot was wacko earlier today!!

Yesterday we went to San Gimignano and Sienna. Although I can’t spell it without looking it up, I do love San Gimignano. It is small enough that a five time visitor can know their way around. I know the cute little ceramic shops and which one has the best art deco calendars and where to get the olive wood cutting boards and where the wild boar sausage shop is. I did visit a church that was new to me. San Augustino. It is tucked away at the back of the town and is a quiet calm little place. Robbie took me and a couple of other students there and we sat on the steps and ate our sack lunches. One of the students (who shall not be named) finished eating quickly and put on her headphones to listen to a CD of opera arias. Music was leaking out of the headphones which means it is too loud for the ears parked next to the headphone (I have already had this talk with the group and told them if I could hear their music then it was too loud and current research says it is damaging their ears) so she turned it down some. No one else could hear the music but about every 20 seconds the person listening to the music would sing a note…only one note and never the words. So picture the American touristas sitting on the steps of the lovely quiet piazza in front of the church and one of the touristas is singing a note every 20 seconds. It sounded so random and yet made perfect sense to her. I should also tell you that the same person wandered away from the group in Sienna and got lost. We ended up waiting on her for 15 minutes.

The floor of the Duomo in Sienna is covered in marble dust paintings and decorations. Each year during the month of September they take the coverings off the floor and let you look at it. It is amazing. Intricate decorations and pictures. They also have a room that was supposed to be the library that has frescos that have not been exposed to much air and light. They are still very bight, vivid colors. I had never seen anything like them and we did not see either of these things during Summer 2000 semester. I am going to attempt to put a couple of photos here if the blogspot demons will allow it.

So, the demons only allowed one...maybe next time.

We were supposed to go to the Vasari Corridor today but they have changed that to next Monday. I think that Robbie has also canceled the trip to Gallo’s tomorrow night and if that is true then I am going tonight!!! I have been in Scandicci for three full weeks and I have not had a single pizza from Gallo’s. I must remedy that and do it soon.

Next day.
The internet really does defy description. If the students are on any of the downstairs computers then it may take five minutes to make it to one website. We are all so spoiled with digital that the dial-up seems so slow.

Most of the students are in town this morning on an extra credit assignment. We visit the Pitti Palace and Brancacci Chapel this afternoon so Robbie let them sleep a little later and sent them off on an assignment and with lunch money. About five chose to try and sleep until noon but Sandro, the man of a million talents, had a drill going in the villa a few minutes ago and I am sure that woke them up.

Yesterday afternoon Tracy and I decided to try and go into Florence to see a movie in English. We rushed around because Mona said we needed to hurry to make it in time (she claimed that she was going to stay here and order the food for Oct but I think that she played on the computer instead!) Making the very long story much shorter…wrong day (Tracy looked at the calendar wrong), wrong time (we were an hour early if the movie had been on that day but it is next week) and on the way I accidentally threw my cell phone card with all the information (PIN and PKU numbers on it) out the car window (luckily we could turn around and found it). Fun part is that we found a really cute café/coffee bar and sat for about 45 minutes watching the foot traffic and sipping Coca Cola Lights.


At 3:39 PM, Blogger Reagan said...

shut up! no gallo's yet?? i'm scandalized. well, we will definitely have to do when i get there....maybe even when we get back from the pisa airport.

the brancacci chapel is my very favorite art venture in florence! its amazing.

i filled tammie on the true identity of the student who shall not be named and still has no code name. cracks me up about note singing. although, i can promise i would have been annoyed beyond belief if i had been sitting there.

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe hang in there "the student who shall remain nameless" will surely begin to mature without a motherly caretaker nearby. Way to go with the phone card...not the finding ....the finding the nice Cafe! Oh im so envious. Mel says hi and that she misses you. I gave her ur Blog address. I hope that is okay. She is going to HUF in spring of 2008 when i go to greece. I hope she, Anthony, leslie and I can go on free travel together. Well keep us all posted. I love ur pictures. Wil

Ps aunt tammie is on facebook!

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Tammie's Thoughts said...

I can't think of Sienna without thinking of that wonderful fruit cake that they make there. (I know it has a special name, but neither Laura nor Reagan is here for me to ask what it is right now.) I love it! We had fun with Reagan last night. Tim enjoyed looking at her photography and was encouraging her to put some of it in an Memphis-Germantown Art Show. I'm jealous that she is going to be there before me but, I'll live through it and I will be there before too long!

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Artist-Tim said...

That "student who shall remain nameless" just stresses me out. It sounds like she has Tourette's. That kind of stress can be relieved only by Gelato. You have my prescription for an extra scoop of Fragola.
I enjoyed Reagan's photos last night and how her face lights up when she talks about her experiences. That little Russian camera is awesome in how it does little random effects that we have tried to do in the dark room. I will send her a MGAL National Exhibition prospectus in a few days. She should do well.

At 5:15 AM, Blogger BW said... careful about giving out the blog address...I kinda am very free talking about students here I would never want them to find know what I mean.
Tammie...I have one for you! You can get it in Rome.
ArtistTim...thanks for the prescription. I took care of it last night!

At 6:57 AM, Blogger DCT said...

Nothing beats wandering through the streets of San Gimignano. Truly a unique experience (even with a certain unnamed person). You would need to search for something to write about without said unnamed person. I can't think of the name of that "fruit cake" from Sienna either, but I do love it. As soon as I post I will think of it.

As usual, I can now live another day because I have my Italy fix. Keep the posts coming!!!

At 11:25 AM, Blogger BW said...

Panforte. comes in chocolate and regular flavor...

At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur "crystal clear" no one else shall know

At 8:57 PM, Anonymous bj said...

After reading your post I went up and looked at my little sun/moon piece from San Gimignano and just remembered what a fun day it was. I wanted every pretty piece of pottery I saw. And the little church was beautiful! Thanks for the memories...


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