Monday, May 24, 2010

Reception = Full Meal

Who knew? When we were invited this morning to a welcome reception that would be a come and go thing, I assumed it was just a meet and greet, but no. In Zambia, the meet and greet is meet and eat and sing! They had the world's largest plastic tub of rice, grilled short ribs and chicken and Zambian relish and cake, lots and lots of cake. We all ate supper before we went because we thought it would just be visiting. So we are all reaching for the Pepcid and Tums because we had a 4th meal today!

The reception also included some speeches by the superintendent of the mission and an impromptu one by me, songs by their college boys singing group and one song by us and prayers. It was a very sweet and very special time. I have to say that yes, we did miss BMac and her song organizational skills along with the soprano voice, but Jaime and Ian can sing the melody with the best of them and the rest of us can belt out that alto line!

Today was also the first full day of the students working. It went beautifully. Caroline and Marja are jewels and are jumping in to provide legit supervision/teaching for the students.

I must end today with a comment about the roads here. Last year a company from China came in while we were here and plowed up, watered down, grated and graveled all roads. This year they are as bad a ever! No plowed roads but bumps and gulleys and hills and valleys are back! One section of the road is just like driving on a tin roof!

Still working on reducing those photos and surely I can figure it out soon!


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