Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Maybe the Spam is Gone

I was not a child who enjoyed the canned ham-like substance known as SPAM. It was occasionally served at my house by my Mom but not often. I am highly offended by internet spam. Now my friend tells me that there is instant messaging spam called spim. When did the marketing profession become so intrusive? I have turned off the anonymous comment posting and guess that I will have to keep it off. I am sorry but I don't know any other thing to do right now.
Here's to spam-free blogging.


At 1:18 AM, Blogger reiynscape said...

I think blog spam should be called bliam. -reiynscape.

There is a feature...rather a setting in your blogger Dashboard to keep those spammer/spimmers at bay.

On my blogger account Dashboard, I have this in a box thing under my information right now:

'Unwanted Comments?
Turn on word verification to help prevent comment spam.'

Which means that before even a blogger registered user is able to post a comment to my blog they must first type in the letters/number combination in the image. goto my blog and try it out, i have it setup there. Here: http://reiynscape.blogspot.com/

seriously...try it out on mine.

kool huh? yeah..thought you would like that. So what that function does is ensures that those making posts are humans, not a computer program or script of filling in data. So it should help.

So, how to do that on your blog you might be asking me? Ok...

The "word verification" option can be found on the Settings | Comments tab for your blog after you login to your blog of course!

If you choose "yes" for this setting, then people leaving comments on your blog will be required to complete a word verification step.

Hope this is helpful to you.



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