Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Some Things Never Change

My new phone arrived and I spent about four hours worrying with it, harassing it, and generally trying to punch every button it has. I am a little disconcerted because the answer/end call buttons on the the opposite side of the terrible outdated last phone. In addition, the "soft buttons" for select and back are also on the opposite side. I feel certain that I will end several phone calls instead of answering them before I get used to the new phone.

School starts tomorrow. Classes start next Tuesday. Freshmen are arriving. Upperclassmen are returning. In every restrauant students are squealing and screeching as they see their friends that they haven't seen in two and half months. It is loud and it is annoying and I did the very same thing at the very same age and in some of the very same locations. Tammie, Vivian, Jeanine and I could screech with the best of them.

I love my friends.
And I love the students.
And I love my job.

I had to hide the comments on this blog because I got spammed and I don't know how to just delete that comment. I will keep working on it.