Monday, September 12, 2005

Left Turns or Left Obliques

I have a friend who will drive out of his way to avoid making a left turn. He is fully capable of making a left turn in his high performance sports car, but he much prefers to make a right turn because left turns are harder. A left turn requires much more thought than a right turn and frequently it requires patience while you wait for a break in the oncoming traffic.

I have become an observer of the left turn habits of drivers in my smallish Southern town and I am here to say that the art of the left turn is extinct. I mean almost no one in this town can actually make a left turn. The new technique for redirecting your car by 90 degrees is to just kinda angle your car in the new direction. The actual turning of the steering wheel in a manner that will result in the car accomplishing a 90 degree turn seems to not exist in this town. I have almost been smacked on numerous occasions if I happen to be sitting in the right lane on the road to which a driver wishes to angle his/her car. My driver's education instructor called it "cutting the corner" and believe that it constitutes an illegal turn. In fact it is not a turn at is an oblique.

My new motto is "Make left turns, not left obliques!"


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Lyn said...

Erin, April, Kyle, and, I (not to exclude anyone else with these thoughts) have noticed the LOVELY driving habits of the "Searcy Driver." I think our total blinker count is up to 13. Brakes are not a favorite aspect of the "Searcy Driver" either... head lights are another problem. Everyone should have to pass the driving test with the "DMV Devil" of Dickson, TN. The woman literally smokes about 19 cigarettes right before defiling the un-grose smell of your car. And the smell is just the begining of this lovely woman...

At 3:17 PM, Blogger reiynscape said...

that should be on a bumper sticker..
or a license plate holder.

At least you do not live in my asian neighborhood.

It is scary on the road here. scary.


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