Sunday, May 21, 2006

But I Have Good Intentions

I don’t ever intent to bore my friends. I think I might have gotten a little over the top last night at a meal with people that I love to spend time with. I think I might have been boring.
It started with the conversation I was having with a fellow speech-language pathologist (SLP) sitting next to me at the restaurant. She is ever so sweet (and a sometimes reader of this blog) and was telling me that she had recently attended a workshop on autism. She had no idea that would set me off on a tirade against over-diagnosis of autism. Then I pulled the family therapist sitting on the other side of me and the special educator sitting across the table. I am so sorry that I sent the light and fun dinner conversation to my ranting and raving. I promise to be better.

Another moment of discussion at the table last night was on the H. family. The honorees of the dinner formerly worshiped with the oldest daughter of the H. family, Kathy. Growing up in our relatively small town there was not a large youth group in our congregation. In fact, for my age and grade in school there was only one other person. His name was Gerry H. It also happened that our parents were best of friends and Kathy and my sister were the same age and best friends. We celebrated birthdays together, went on camping trips together, got into trouble together, and generally grew up together. Gerry and I sat beside each other during the first few days of pre-school and we ended up sitting beside each other at high school graduation. The kids went to different colleges. The H. family went to ACU and the O. family (my sister and I) went to HU. Tragedy struck the H. family first with the death of Mr. H. from a heart attack while he was in his 50s. Then Kathy’s husband was killed in a plane crash and on the same day her mother died of heart issues. Her husband was in his early 30s and her mother was in her late 50s. Kathy did not let it shake her faith. She was suddenly left with three small children all under the age of 7 and both of her parents were gone and yet she became an even stronger Christian. She remarried a wonderful Christian man who’s wife had died of cancer and together they raised his kids and her kids. They are examples to us all.
I last saw Kathy four years ago. She and her brothers came to visit us after my dad died. We had a great time sitting around the table and laughing about our childhood. I don’t think I told her what an inspiration she has been in my life. I think I need to write her a letter and say it on paper. That is my new mission. Tell the people that have shaped my life how much I appreciate them.

Kathy H. you profoundly influenced my life for good. Thank you.


At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Tammie said...

AMEN! I'm all for telling people you love (even those you don't know very well) how greatly they have influenced your life for good BEFORE it's time to give them a tribute at their funrenal.
And Rebecca Jane, I pray that you know how very much you mean to me and to my family...

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Reagan said...

i saw gerry h. and kaylynn a couple of sundays and forgot to tell you. they were at church in farmers branch and tim and steph didnt know they were coming. it was nice to see them both. he petted my hair like robbie does.


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