Monday, November 06, 2006

Olive Harvest and Book Signing

We harvested olives today. It was great fun. We divided into teams and had a competition to see which teach could harvest the most. I was not officially on a team but I did help the one who had the fewest members. After we put parachutes on the ground to catch the olives we took long plastic rakes and combed the tree limbs. We worked hard with a muffin and hot chocolate break at about 11 am. We finished all the trees before noon! Only one other fall group has done that much! We had one student who shall not be named who climbed a ladder for the first time. Imagine that! Picking olives for the first time and climbing a ladder for the first time.
I will put up some pictures tomorrow.

Robbie had been invited to a book reading and signing by the US Consul General and since Mona was busy with company, I got to go with him. We went to one of NYU's villas and the authors showed slides of some of the photos in their book. It is about the 1966 flood and the recovery process and since this the 40th anniversary of the flood there was a special number of the people who had helped with the cleanup. They call the "Mud Angles." Several of the Mud Angels also spoke about their experiences. On man said that one of the first businesses to recover was a restaurant and since the Italians love their food that it was reopened only two days after the flood. Robbie's dad was one of the Mud Angels who helped at the National Library behind the Santa Croce. I sat next to one of the authors. We had a small reception in the foyer of one of the classrooms for NYU in Florence under the Murano glass chandelier (and those twins Couchette and Chandlette were no where in sight!).


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous bj said...

Oh, my goodness Beckie, your last few posts have just made me so homesick for my short stay in Italy. The fall is so has got to be the best!!! Although I doubt Italy in any season would be BAD. What great experiences you have had... I noticed the "I had to go with him" line. We all understand that! I loved olive picking day....we had chocolate pastry for breakfast, yummy muffins and other snacks and then lunch--what a day!!! Was the NYU villa really great? Without Couchette and Chandlette what good is Murano glass?!! By the way,we are enjoying Noel and Lael both at church and outside. You committee folks did alright. It was good to see all of you on skype.


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