Monday, March 27, 2006

There and Back, Again

I know that I have been away from blogging for while. It was a busy couple of weeks. During the time away from blogging I had visits from Reagan and Ben, Spring Break and a visit from my sister. Spring Break was good and we had a couple of days that were great for driving with the top down on the car. My sister may have been convinced to make her next car a convertible.

I spent last Thurs. through Sun. in DC at another meeting. The three cab rides were totally unremarkable. All drivers were fairly safe drivers and did not have any weird music playing on the radio. I was very disappointed. There was one great surprise. The story has to start with you understanding that I have friend/colleague who has incredibly good hotel room karma. When we attend a professional conference, he is the one who gets a special room with a balcony or special antique furniture or the one with the luxury spa-like bathroom. Well, even though the friend/colleague was not at this meeting, for once I got the good room! It had just been totally renovated and redecorated. It was on the 12th floor and opened out onto a lovely terrace that overlooked Independence Plaza, Washington Monument, and the While House. Pillowtop mattress, and Egyptian cotton sheets. It was great.

Now, I need to comment on Reagan and Ben's visit to Searcy. From my perspective, not only was it a great visit but he is a truly nice man. Probably the best part is that he and Gene talked like they had known each other for years. He is welcome here anytime. I think he may be the very best boyfriend she has ever had. Ben, come and visit us anytime!