Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just taught my first class in Zambia. I had 80 students ( 18 were sick or did not show up for the term). It took me 25 minutes to call the roll and I just called their first names!! I am hoping that tomorrow will only take 10.

Arrangements: I have the back corner bedroom in the Mann House (where the Pippins were last year), Marta Fetterman (Brittany’s mom) has the other bedroom on that side of the house. The two bedrooms closest to the Hamby house each have two bunk beds in them and the eight students are sleeping there. Becky and Sara have the Mann “back house”. Two bedrooms with two twins in each, a small bathroom but no shower or tub. Leonard is cooking everyday except Sunday (we cook) and it is fabulous. We eat on the veranda of the Hamby house. By the end of the week it will have a family of four and a single man living in it. Another group is also coming by the end of the week.

I am driving the HIZ 12 passenger Land Cruiser. It is tan colored with a Namwianga Mission Symbol on the side. We have named it Khaki Jacki and it just seems to fit. Right now I am the only one who can drive a stick shift. On these

We have been treated royally and welcomed with open arms. Kathi Merritt has opened all her records for the babies for our research and given us carte blanc to do anything how ever we want with the babies. We are trying to develop a way to feed the babies so that they do not lie on their backs all the time…there are NUMEROUS ear infections and research tells us that feeding them on their backs is a bad thing. Right now they have my travel pillow shaped like a horseshoe and filled with those little pellets as a tester and it seems to be working well.

Let me say this trip is NOT “sightseeing for Jesus!” We are working so hard. We leave the houses at 8:30 am, come home for lunch at 1 pm., they are walking back to the Haven and Kelly’s house (about 23-30 minute walk) at 2:30 pm and stay there until 5 pm. Then they get a warm shower and get to relax for a few minutes. If the internet is up we try and quickly send messages. We also have a “staffing” time every night to make sure all are on the same page regarding hours and documenting what we are doing. We are so ASHA correct it is scary!

The children at the Haven and Kelly’s House are starved for someone to interact with them. The older ones will sit still for a solid hour and let our students sing songs, show pictures and books and just interact. How many 2 year olds in the US will sit for an hour?

It is amazing to be here with graduate students instead of undergrads. They are so much more mature! We have had a little drama here and there but they work it out. Each person on this trip has a specific role that God sent them here to carry out and each is doing an excellent job.

We are already making out long lists of things we need to make sure and have on that container shipping out in November. We now know how to negotiate situations and how to set up for the hearing screening at the basic school.

Today I paid an obligatory call on the city of Kalomo head of education and he wants me to call on the District Commissioner. There are lots of etiquette meetings that I have to make.

Hopefully, the student blog will be up and running tonight. Internet is so iffy here!