Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Know Why I Am NOT Preschool Teacher

I am happy to be helping with VBS this week. I love hearing those excited kids singing "Father Abraham" and "If You're Happy and You Know It." It brings back memories of hot June mornings in the late 1950s...playing Red Rover...a big metal box filled with crushed ice and bottled soft drinks...Grapette, Chocolate Soldiers, Coke, Dr. Pepper and Orange drinks. The cool dark basement of our church building and those terrific Plaster of Paris praying hands (mine were painted solid silver) and that scale model of the Tabernacle. Those are great happy memories.

I feel confident that I am helping create memories for fourteen four year olds this week, but I could never teach preschool. I think preschool teachers should get hazardous duty pay. Tonight we had two crying kids, one who felt she needed to hop up and down every step, a boy is routinely overcome with an unstoppable urge to shout, one who whines with every step or activity and yet loves each step and activity, a precious girl with curly red hair, and several sweet shy kids. All fourteen have enough energy to power my house for a month! I am exhausted and there are five of us trying to corrall these kids. Only one more night...I really wanted to be a cookie lady who passes out the cookies, but I think only the first to sign up get this job and the mem who are not brave enough to take on a group of four year olds.

Friday, June 17, 2005

It's Getting Closer

It's time to look for a ticket to Uruguay. I am so excited!
December in South America...and I heard that the exchange rate is great now. I am planning to do the Christmas shopping there.
Fun, fun, fun!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I have just finally discovered the fun of browsing online catalogs. I know that my family discovered this fun pastime several years ago but I am now the queen of Amazon.com and I think I will soon be the queen of containerstore.com. Last week at the beach we each were given a tiarra and we decided on our own queen names. Last week I was Mis Demeanor but this week I want to be Miss Online Shopper. Please bow or curtsey when you come into my presence!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Buddies at the Beach, Curves, and Church

Well, nine women returned from seven days at a house in Gulf Shores, AL. It is a very nice week of relaxation, reading, some shopping, eating seafood and lots of laughing.
I am amazed at the destruction caused by hurricane Ivan. They are still trying to repair and rebuild. The beach is different but still beautiful.
A quick rundown of events
--I discovered Panera Bread...oooooooooo good!
--Bayside Grill is still great
--I finally won the game of 31
__one of our group has a sister-in-law who named her bosoms (one is Dooley and the other is Nub)
--we have to find a cure for migrane headaches
--I do not enjoy seaweed brushing up against my legs while I am in the water

On a very different note, I have attempted to return to the Curves routine. I am so happy to say that the new morning attendant does not yell. She also does not attempt to get into your biznuss and she only told one lady that she was doing the maching wrong. I am not sure if I can continue the early morning routine and I am afraid that the Curves Nazi is still working in the afternoons. It seems that they are having a Curves picnic. Whats up with that? I exercise with these people, I do not want to eat with them...and isn't it the point of all this exercise that I should not eat so much? So, thanks for the invite, but no thanks.

And to shift gears again. Yesterday, I was asked to serve on a search committee looking for a new pulpit minister. This is a big step for our congregation. We are always traumatized to have to search for a new minister but we haven't had to do this for seventeen years. It is also a big step to include women on the committee. The first meeting was excellent. The committee is a group of godly, intelligent, articulate individuals who are up to the challenge. I am honored to be serving with them.