Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why am I NOT in San Antonio?

So, I drove to the Little Rock airport this morning in plenty of time for my 11:30 am flight to Dallas and then a 1:50 pm flight to San Antonio. At boarding time they announced that our plane had not yet left St. Louis due to the ice storm. Then at 1:30 pm they announced that the flight was canceled. "Please wait for us to call your name to re-schedule your flight." At 3:30 pm, TWO HOURS later they had still not called my name and had started to announce that all the flights today to Dallas and Houston were FULL and they had only reached number 40 to reschedule (I was number 103). Finally, I walked up to the desk to see if there was any way I could get to SA by midnight. "No, I am sorry, we can get you there by 9 am in the morning." "No, thanks, my convention presentation is at 8 am. I just want my money back."

I am in Searcy.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Elaboration on the Dress Code Issue

As Tammie noted in the comments on the last entry, I do have a saying about the dress code for our student clinicians. It is: "no cleavage, gapage or crackage." Below is a photo of some random Italian girl who in NOT following the dress code.

Both Becky McL. and I have shared this saying with other clinic directors across the nation and I almost laughed out loud at a recent ASHA meeting when some speaker said that was now their dress code rule in their clinic. She didn't know where the saying came from but said that she really liked how it was phrased. My saying is now a rule at many speech clinics in universities across the nation!! It is almost as profound as "think about your panties before midnight."

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Catching Up

I did hire a secretary. She has a BA in office administration so I am expecting her to whip our office into shape! She starts on Feb. 11 but she has asked (and received permission from the HR department) to come in late in the afternoon for the upcoming week and start getting the files into shape. She actually still has a day job but gets off at 4 pm. I am so impressed that she wants to come and start work before she has to come. Lyn has been doing a great job but she only has a limited amount of time during the day and we do need 8 hours of help each day. Lyn's best skill is that when I send her to Sonic Happy Hour that she doesn't need to ask what I want!

Martha, the new full-time secretary (not to be confused with Lyn's aunt M) asked me other day what the dress code was for the job. I had to laugh out loud! I can barely get myself dressed each morning and do not know what the secretary should wear! I did tell her that I think the HR office has suggestions but I just want her to not wear hot pants or sweats!

Now, on a serious note...I have two friends who are dealing with Alzheimer's disease. One with a spouse who has developed it waaaaaayyyy too young and the other dealing with a parent. I have them both in my prayers. Cancer and Alzheimer's both need to eliminated from our vocabulary and our lives.