Monday, May 28, 2012

Picnic in Choma

I had the most humbling experience yesterday at Choma. We went to the markets and the gift shop at the museum as we have done the past four years. A couple of the supervisors go to the grocery deli to buy roasted chicken and chips, drinks, dessert for a picnic. I generally buy an extra meal in case anyone gets hungry and if no one eats it, I give it to the guard at the front gate for his lunch. This year as we were cleaning up from the picnic, I noticed a shabbily dressed older woman carefully watching the trash can. I assumed that she was going to raid the trash after we left, so I held out the extra food and offered it to her. She gave me the traditional handshake and slight curtesy that many Zambians give as a very polite greeting, then she got down on her knees to thank me. All I could say was, no, no please get up and of course she could not understand me. She did get up but still bowed several times. She did not ask for money but was willing to dig in my discarded trash for food. All I did was offer her the equivalent of a $3.00 plate of chicken and potatoes and she wanted to get on her knees. We are rich beyond our needs and we need to remember to get on our knees more!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Free Hug Friday

If you haven't been with us in the past two years you may not know that while we are here in Zambia, each Friday becomes Free Hug Friday. Everyone has to give me a hug before they can eat! Some of my friends know that I had to pass a written and practical driving test to obtain my CDL before I left for Zambia. It took two tries for one of the three parts for the written test but I did indeed pass it all with 24 hours to spare! So, here I am and I have this 22 (more if the little jump seats are put down) passenger bus that I am driving around the dirt roads. Tomorrow is the real test! I have to drive it 75 miles to Choma, through their "downtown" area and find a place to park it so that we can have our annual picnic on the museum grounds. My biggest concern is turning it around to head back home! I think I might have to go out of town to try and turn it around! The good news is that everyone is patient with me and as of yet no one has screamed out of fright!

Trying Again This Year

I know I only posted one time last year. We were a little short handed in the supervision area and I had to supervise the entire time. This year we have the luxury of having an extra supervisor so I am free to help supervise when needed and carry out adiministrative tasks when needed. We have a great group! They are excited to be here and eager to work with the babies and toddlers at the Haven. I will try to post a photo here and there but our internet is still a little iffy so I don't know when I will get to post! The student blog is They write great things and we would love for you to read it!