Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am Gonna Be Cranky on Monday Afternoon

It you read my daughter's blog you now know that she is taking away my Diet Coke on Monday morning. I did agree that I should try it but I am not happy about it. This may be the time that I actually begin to drink a coffee product stronger than a cappuccino!

I tried to post a cute photo of a diet coke but this new blog thing doesn't like me!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Here for a Day or Two

The trip to Florence was great. I know that everyone who has ever been to HUF is now going to hate me, but I got to spend the night at the Porciano Castle! It was with friends of Robbie and Mona's who graciously invited me to come also. Sleeping on that 5th floor is great. Just sitting in front of that fireplace in the living room is wonderful!

I was able to accomplish all my shopping tasks for Reag while I was in Florence. I even managed to bring home a sfolia for Keri to see and taste so she can try to copy them. I am so hooked on them. Also, Reag found the most wonderful Italian cookbook named Italia in Cucina. It has great pictures and tons of recipes, so I carted it home (and it is heavy).

I am leaving again on Thursday for DC. I will be there until Sunday afternoon. Sherrill, how far away are you?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mona is the BEST

So, yesterday seven of the conference attendees went on a tour of Athens. It ended with us in the Plaka and eating gyros but before that we climbed around on the Acropolis. The biggest news is that there are now steps to go up to Mars Hill. They are more slick rocks to climb unless you really want to go up that way. We also climbed up to the Parthenon and were almost blown away by the incredible winds. Robbie and Mona have been on that same tour at least fifteen times and climbed those hills the same number of times and they still went with us yesterday. Mona is the greatest! She went just to be my friend! Ok, Robbie is good, too but Mona is the greatest!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, here I am in Greece. Since that last post, I have been back to DC for a second time (and I go for the third time on March 21) and now I am in Greece. I have been planning the Christian College Study Abroad Directors Meeting so that Jeff didn't have to do it. That means that I have to attend it also. The meeting officially begins tomorrow with a tour of Corinth. Tonight we are just shuttling attendees back and forth from the airport.

It is true that Reagan is not here with me. She is doing that whole school thing and is almost finished, but still lacks a couple of weeks in Oxford, MS before she obtains her total freedom.

The weather is nice. Today was in the low to mid 60's but the wind was very strong and a little cool. I just hope that it doesn't rain until Tuesday!

Jenn, I saw the song on your blog and I loved it! I am so proud that she is such a little Texan!

Well, almost time to head to the airport to pick up the guys from ACU. I will tell more later.