Saturday, April 21, 2007

Getting You Up to Date

Where has the time gone?! I can't believe that we only have two more weeks of classes and then finals. It has been a good but busy semester. I haven't had more than ten minutes to rest on weekdays since January.

I am still reducing the Diet Coke intake. I have not had one since Thursday. I think I will have one tomorrow morning in Bible Class with the others in the Diet Coke Ministry but maybe it will taste bad and I won't want to guzzle the entire thing!

Gene is really seeing the benefits from Reagan's cooking. He has taken up either three or four notches on his belt. My clothes fit much better but I have not seen the drastic results that he has.

Last week I was in Palm Springs, CA. Lots of meetings and a little dash of fun. We went to the top of Mount San Jacinto on that really cool revolving sky gondola. Then we drove through the dessert to the Ontario, CA airport. Let's see if the photos can actually be posted.

Headed up the mountain

The view

Dan is fighting a Dinosaur on the desert!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Three Days and Still Living

I have had only one Diet Coke per day since Monday. I am still alive and have even been somewhat productive at work. I miss the big Sonic cup on my desk. I miss the great burn of the Diet Coke.

The food R has been cooking is great. She even has two new clients. Debbie and Cliff are coming three nights a week and R is cooking for them also. I hope this lasts because last night we had pork chops with port and blackberry sauce, roasted veggies, salad, homemade baguette, water, ice cream with homemade dark chocolate sauce, coffee and water. It was great!

You also need to read R's blog for the description of our visit to the nature doctor. It was a little like being in the Twilight Zone but I think it will work.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Lunch was Very Good

So, breakfast was oatbran hot cereal with bananas sliced in it and I had hot tea. Very ok.
Lunch on the other hand was great! Green leaf lettuce salad with oil and vinegar, roasted veggies (recipe on Reagan's blog), Italian sausage, homemade baguette with Irish butter and sparkling water. Very tasty!
I did have to give in to one Diet Coke today. I was lightheaded after class and needed it to make it through the next hour. R says that one a day for this week and then next week I have to have only one for the week.
I do miss my diet coke but the rest of the day has very good.