Friday, February 23, 2007

It's Crazy!

I have finally taken a moment to update this and like all my other friends, it has forced me to change to the new blogger machine. It is 6:45 am (I am in DC to present our accreditation application to the accrediting agency) and I am jet lagged and have had way too little sleep this week, so I typed in the incorrect email address! I hope that it doesn't shut down.

Anyway, this step in the application process is finished. Dan was more help than he will ever know. He came up Wednesday night and helped me collate the 202 pages and put in the divider pages and make the Table of Contents. So, I am handing it over to the powers that be in an couple of hours. Then I head home so that I can get ready to come back to DC next weekend!

I promise to be better about updating. I have one post ready about my mother-in-law's funeral but I haven't put the finishing touches on it.

I also need to tell you all about the interesting plane ride to Cincinnati. Just to get you started author who was on his way to talk with Universal and Dreamworks studios and a security breach!