Friday, April 04, 2008

Crazy Weather

Before I comment on the weather and the seafood, let me say that all of us who have been suffering back in the steerage class of the giant airplanes....those people at the front of the planes are living like kings. I LOVE being in first class and I do not know how I am going to go back the cheap seats.

Here I am on the Oregon coast. Today we traveled by van from Portland to Seaside. On the way we had rain, bright sunny sky, sleet, mist, and snow. All we needed was hail to complete the great precipitation tour!

The seashore was COLD but the rest of the time the temperature has been fine. The time change is about to do me in.

Great seafood! I has salmon twice yesterday and really, really good clam chowder today. I think we are going to an Italian place tonight. Tomorrow morning we are going to have brunch at the Lumberjack Camp 18. I can't wait for pancakes. Be home sometime Sunday evening so that I can wash the undies and repack for Tampa on Wednesday.